Denture Clinic Services

Denture ClinicOur denture clinic is one of the top practices in the Calgary area. At Royal Denture Clinic, we provide a full range of services; from custom denture creation to emergency denture repair. We’re proud to serve a diverse range of clients in our denture clinic, including men and women of all ages. Whether you are getting dentures for the first time or looking for a great denture clinic to provide regular adjustments and repairs, the Royal Denture Clinic is an excellent option. Our friendly team is powered by a passion for helping others. We work hard to make sure each of our clients feels comfortable throughout the process, from consultation to billing. We care about making the most out of your time and resources so that you can walk away happy with your smile. Want to learn more? Contact us today to book your consultation.

Our  Services include:

  • Denture Repair
  • Full of Partial Denture Fabrication
  • Denture Fitting & Adjustments
  • Gum Conditioning
  • Night Guards & Sleeping Guards
  • Regular Check-ups
  • Consultation
  • Emergency Denture Services


Your First Visit to the Denture Clinic

Not sure what to expect during your first visit to our denture clinic? Just remember that we are here to help! The first step is a detailed consultation. We’ll review your medical records, health issues, and any current dental prosthetics you’re using. Dr. Nathan Schultz, DD, our founder, has over a decade of experience in the denture industry and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our clients. After gaining an in-depth understanding of your needs, our denture clinic team will come up with a plan, including costs and a timeline, to get your smile back on track. We’ll answer any questions you have before starting your treatment process- whether you want to know more about billing or customization options, we’ll walk you through all of the options to make sure you’re informed.


Our Full-Service Laboratory

Our denture clinic is outfitted with two state-of-the-art laboratories. In the larger laboratory, we create the bulk of the denture. Using the strongest resins, plastics, metals, and bonding materials, we create the body of each piece. We utilize advanced technology to allow for precise results and take care to make sure each piece perfectly matches the measurements provided. In our smaller lab, we work with clients to refine the piece. We can modify individual teeth, work on fit, and discuss the small details that make your denture unique and comfortable. Since we can complete all of this work in our in-house denture clinic, we deliver high quality work in a faster time than other providers. Call us today to learn more about our denture clinic.


Exceptional Materials

When selecting a denture clinic, it’s crucial to look for a practice that invests in the best materials and technology. Dentures have come a long way over the last few decades – there are more materials and fit options available now than ever. In addition, contemporary prosthetic tooth production methods have allowed denture clinics to make very realistic and comfortable dentures, making this option appealing to a wider range of individuals. After your detailed consultation with our team, we’ll be able to determine if the latest denture material options are right for you.


Our Team

Dr. Nathan Schultz, DD is our head Denturist. He developed an interest in the field in 1991 and has since been committed to providing high quality denture services. He regularly attends seminars and other educational events to keep up-to-date with the latest in denture clinic technology. Jill Schultz heads up our office operation, making sure that every appointment runs smoothly. She works to book consultations, communicate with insurance companies, manage billing, and work with customers. Want to speak with a member of our team? Give us a call today or send us a message here.