Our Clinic

Denture Clinic CalgaryA denture laboratory is its own world, filled with unusual equipment making strange sounds, and sometimes producing interesting smells – the byproducts of chemical reactions.  Each piece of technical equipment has its part to play in the processing of the dental appliance.

At Royal Denture Clinic, we actually have two labs!  We have a large, lively lab where stone is flying, acrylics are curing, materials are put under intense pressure and metals and plastics are bonding to each other.  This lab sees completed dentures polished to a high luster and smoothness.  It is an active place and we’d love to show you this lab when you come for a visit.

The second lab is much smaller, quieter and is the more civilized of the two.  It is here where individual teeth previously chosen by you and the denturist are arranged and placed into the denture.  Final touches such as further shaping and refinement of the teeth and detailing happen in this lab.   New dentures are kept here until their owners are able to pick them up.  The advantage to having a lab on site, is that the denturist is completely in control of which materials and equipment will be used in the manufacturing of your denture appliance as well as being in control of when your appliance will be ready.

An operatory in the denture clinic is the place where the relationship between the denture specialist and patient will develop and blossom.  This space is designed to provide function to the denturist administering care, but also incorporates comforts to soothe the patient and provides privacy where real and meaningful communication between denturist and patient can take place.  Your experience in the operatory should leave you feeling rested, and empowered with knowledge regarding your specific dental concerns and available options.  This is the place where you can learn about the different kinds of denture appliances available and even see and hold them in your hand!  Educating yourself will bring understanding of and value to the unique features that your specific appliance will bring to you, hopefully for many years to come.  What works for one person, may not work for another because people tend to place slightly different value on different features, and each patient brings their own unique anatomy to the table – affecting which options may be available.  The end result for everyone however, should be a denture appliance that brings value to them and improves their quality of life.

Why talk to a denturist?

A denturist is a dental care professional whose expertise lies with the building and fitting of fixed (implant retained dentures) and removable prosthesis and how these devices can contribute to a patient’s speech, chewing ability and physical appearance.  The denturist seeks an understanding of an individual’s needs.  Clients tend to have four main criteria when customizing their dental appliance:

  • Some clients focus primarily on a denture that will enhance their appearance. They may wish to ask their denturist about natural esthetics, Hollywood style teeth or custom gingival toning – special touches that make their denture unique to them.
  • A client may choose other features for maximum function and comfort. Such features include mesh reinforcement or a cast palate for added strength, soft liners for comfort or moving from a removable denture to a denture that fits over dental implants for stability.
  • Some clients select an appliance that combines elements to get a hybrid of function and beauty.
  • Cost may be the primary factor determining options and timelines to deal with an endentulus (being without teeth) or partial endentulus condition.

It is nice to know you have options and are somewhat in control of the steps towards your dental and general health goals.

A private moment with your teeth

The operatory is the place where you will see your new teeth for the first time!  Here, you can relax in the dental chair and practice a few “S” sounds before you head on your way.  Here, you can ask the most intimate  questions about your denture and how to care for it.  Here, you can view your new teeth from all angles, in bright light, in private before heading out into the world.  This is a special moment, and we want you to leave our office feeling confident and smiling.

Follow up

A denturist that has met with you for consultation, designed and built your appliance, or has worked with your dentist (for patients getting dentures on implants or surgical dentures),  is available for follow up appointments.  We will be here for follow up after extraction healing, and support after adjusting to temporary dentures.  Follow up in general ensures that you continue to be heard and satisfied with your denture.