“Hi, my name is Ken Aarsby & I was in to see you yesterday. How do I get to tell people on your website reviews how great you people are. My mouth feels fantastic. Thank you & you gained a long term customer.”

Ken A. (July 2023) – (Patient saw Sandra)


“Hi Jill, Just to let you and Sandra know I am very pleased with my dentures, I would recommend Royal Denture Clinic to anyone. Keep up the good work. Thanks John”

John D. (April 2023)


“Hi Jill. Wanted to let you and Nathan know that my denture is feeling very good. No issues so far. Thank you for the great service and the work on the denture is so good. See you in the fall”

Judy G. (April 2023)


“A huge thank you for everything you’ve done to help George this summer!  You’ve gone beyond what we expected, and are so grateful to you.”

Family of George D. (August 2022)


“Sandra, I just would like you to know I am very very happy with my new dentures. No more hurts in the front.  I am just so happy with them and how super you have been. Just big THANK YOU’s for everything.”

Kathy J. (Oct.2020)


“I have just had a full upper and lower denture crafted by Nathan and the result was awesome. I did not realize how badly the first set was crafted until I experienced a properly created set. The time and detail taken to measure fit has had an amazing result, with only minor adjustments over the last two weeks I can now eat whatever I choose. Access to Nathan for the adjustments only required a simple phone call and I was in to see him that same day. The professionalism demonstrated by both Nathan and Jill who shoulders the administrative responsibilities is rare in this day and age. If you have any denture needs it would serve you well to seek these two highly professional and compassionate individuals to attend to your needs, you will not be disappointed.”

Bill B. (Jan. 2020)


“Nathan & Jill, on behalf of Belinda & myself, I take the opportunity to thank you both for all your kind cooperation extended in 2019. It has been a pleasure dealing with Nathan, who is very knowledgeable, understanding, helpful and professional. We have no hesitation in recommending your clinic and we look forward doing business with you.

N. Fernandes (February 2020)


“I am very very pleased with my new teeth.  The nicest I ever had and they are fitting very nice no problems  I can eat anything yahoo big steak.  You folks are the best.”

Boris K. (December 2019)



“Recently I had dentures made at Royal Denture and I cannot say enough good things about the staff there. From start to finish everyone went above and beyond to make sure the denture fit properly, that it looked great. The staff is patient, professional, and make you feel at ease in their care. Sandra Melnychuk, who did all the measurements, checks, and made my denture, really knows her stuff!!! I felt so fortunate to be on the receiving end of that level of skill! In the future, should I need further assistance, I know where to go and would recommend their services to anyone.

Thank you Team Royal”

Barb M (September 2019)

“Thanks for putting a smile on my face !  I was treated like Royalty at your office ….. “
Pat R. (July 2019)


“A HUGE thank you to Nathan and Jill from the Royal Denture Clinic.  It was a big decision for my 85 years old mother to move ahead with getting full dentures for both the top and bottom.  Having no experience with dentures, we spent hours researching on-line prior to making our decision to go with the Royal Denture Clinic.  It was the BEST decision we made.

Jill is the first person to greet you and make you feel welcome and at ease.  She is customer oriented and takes care of all your questions, reimbursement forms, cost, appointments, and lots more.  She takes initiative to seek for more coverage if required (depending on your circumstances) by sending request letter to your plan.

Nathan’s experiences as a denturist really shows in his work.  He did the following for my mom:

  • explains the whole process
  • answers all your questions
  • list of procedures (dentist/extractions)
  • review of the mouth
  • take impressions
  • selection of dentures and colour
  • making the dentures
  • sending the dentures to the dentist/surgeon to install right after the extractions
  • follow up visits to check on swelling of the gums, stitches, dentures, temporary lining, etc.
  • check-up and relining of dentures after 6 months

Most of all he is meticulous, detailed, gentle and has lots of patience for his clients.

My mother and I thank you both for helping her with the dentures and giving her back her beautiful smile.  Her dentures look so natural.

Much Appreciated”

Therese F. and Karine R. (January 2019)


“Hi Jill and Nathan, just want to let you know my partial plate is feeling great and have had no problems with it.  I would like to thank you and Nathan for all the great service I received.  I will for sure give your clinic a very high rating for service and the perfect work Nathan did with my teeth.  My rating: 10 plus. ” 

Cindy C. (April 2017)


“I would like to highly recommend Royal Denture Clinic.  Definitely give them 5 stars.  Nathan and Jill go above and beyond normal service.  They are incredible friendly people who do awesome work.  I have nothing but amazing things to say about their service and work.  I am eating raw vegetables for the first time in 20 years and am so happy with my new dentures.  Unlike previous denture experience, Nathan does every step of the process and does not send out to labs.  This gives you an amazing fit.”

Judy F. (March 2017)


“My name is Helen and I was one of the first patients at Royal Denture Clinic in Spring 2013.  My daughter found Royal Denture Clinic on the internet and I had my denture lost while ill with the flu.  I was seen right away and had a new denture made in good time (just over a week)!  Nathan carefully measured inside and outside of my mouth – it’s amazing.  I am excitedly happy about how well the denture fits and only needed to return for one adjustment.  I would recommend Nathan and Royal Denture Clinic to anyone experiencing problems with their dentures.  He’s a wonderful denturist.”
Helen Z. (May 2013)
“I’m happy to report that my new denture is the best fit I have ever had, no problems and I eat everything I want, even nuts.” 
Tim W. (June 2014)
“From the placement of my implants through to the installation and use of my permanent denture, I have been a denturist’s nightmare!  From the beginning I’ve snapped off, broken chunks off, and otherwise obliterated dentures.  Frankly, I was feeling hopeless about having dentures that would work for me when I by chance met Nathan. I’ve not been an easy patient for Nathan, but he has stuck with me through all my issues.  I’ve recently seen Nathan for a denture repair – my first in over a year.  I can’t believe I’m saying I made it a whole year without the need of a repair.  My dentures tolerated everything I could throw at them except the abuse of biting down on the equivalent of a frozen Oh Henry! bar. Nathan is gentle, friendly and helpful.  I don’t worry about my dentures anymore.  That I don’t worry matters because they were breaking down sometimes weekly.  Nathan worked out all the kinks with patience and tenacity.  I was ready to give up, but Nathan didn’t give up. I’m very grateful to Nathan because he’s resolved a big problem in my life.”
Ben C. (April 2014)


“I was required to have all my natural teeth removed. A good friend recommended Royal Denture Clinic because of the good experience her father-in-law had with them. From my first visit for a consultation before the extraction, and through the entire procedure of receiving and fitting my new dentures, I felt quite comfortable. Nothing in the procedure was done without an explanation in plain language first. I found the staff (Nathan Schultz DD. and his wife Jill) very likeable and easy going. Their friendly, efficient, easy going attitude made a procedure I have absolutely no knowledge of easy to go through. I have and will continue to recommend Nathan and Jill at Royal Denture Clinic to family and friends who are in need of dentures and all the services that go along with getting them.”

Rob C. (March 2014)


“If you would like to experience an educational and pleasant way of getting your dentures redone or to get new dentures, go and see Nathan(Royal Denture Clinic).  Ask him to explain each method and step used to prepare your dentures.  It was a great experience for me.  I was looking forward to see what happens next rather than what is happening to me. Royal Denture Clinic is a wonderful family business, the excellent professional work by Nathan and the exceptional attitude by his wife (Jill). They are really people oriented and it is genuine. I highly recommend them and I am sure you will too after you visit them. The follow up is great, they took me in so fast anytime I asked to get an adjustment.”
Faiq M. (June 5th, 2013)


“Nathan and Jill have been amazing.  Nathan has given me my first permanent set of full dentures.  I am a teacher and struggled to speak before due to new temporary dentures.  Now I can talk again.  The whole experience has been fantastic.  Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the power of speech back.”

Lisa J. (May 6th, 2013)