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Patient Care

A denturist is available for follow up visits, adjustments, repairs, and general support in getting used to the dentures. Free consultations are a person’s opportunity to gather information and determine if they wish to begin a denturist/patient relationship with a particular denturist. At times, the denturist will communicate with a patient’s dentist when collaborating on treatment.

Dentures on Implants

This complete lower denture was built to fit onto implants, stabilizing the denture and reducing rubbing and movement of the denture against gums. Today, you can get implant dentures that snap on and off, or fixed implant dentures that need to be removed with a special tool. We would be happy to work with your dentist in building the appliance to fit over your implants. In some cases, a current loose denture can be converted into a denture that fits over implants!

removable dentures Calgary

Removable Dentures

Complete upper denture with a cast palate for additional strength featured above a cast partial lower denture with clasps. No two pieces are alike with each denture built to provide structure, function and support where needed.

Full Services

  • Always Free/No Obligation Consultations
  • Complete Dentures
  • Immediate/Surgical Dentures
  • Implant Dentures (All-on-four™, Overdentures)
  • Partial Dentures

All full service items include a treatment plan with price and estimated insurance coverage.

Nathan is trained in BPS™ and Swiss Denture Concept™ techniques.

Other Services

  • Adjustments
  • Tissue Conditioning
  • Custom Sport Guards
  • Night Guards
  • Name/Image Denture Identification


Maintenance Services

  • Relines in a Day
  • Repairs in an Hour
  • Denture Cleaning/Polishing


Pre-authorized Insurance, Direct Billing *(where insurance company allows), Nudent and Cooling Dental Gel available for purchase here.

Visa, Mastercard,  Cheques, Cash and Debit are all accepted.