Dentures CalgaryOur Calgary Denture Clinic

Royal Denture Clinic provides real solutions for:

  • Missing Teeth
  • Broken or Ill-fitting Dentures
  • Uncomfortable Dentures

At our Calgary denture clinic we create high quality, natural looking dental appliances, including removable dentures (partial and complete) and dentures over implants.

We provide maintenance services including: relines, rebasing, adjustments and polishing.

We inform patients about available options including dentures for implants. We are happy to work with your dentist to build the overdenture for your implants.

We help people to feel better, eat better and look better.

Our clinic is designed to provide a calming, comfortable and convenient experience for those seeking care and treatment.

Call us at 403.338.1014 to schedule a free consultation with a denture specialist.

Denture Services

At our Calgary Denture Clinic Location, we offer a wide range of services related to the care of our patient’s dentures including follow up visits, denture repair, adjustments, and general support in getting used to the dentures.  These consultations allow the patient to determine if they wish to pursue a denturist/patient relationship with a specific denturist.  From time to time the denturist will need to communicate with the patient’s dentist when collaborating on a treatment.  To learn more about patient care visit our services page or contact us for a free consultation

At our denture clinic, we also specialize in dentures on implants.  While every need is different, now you can get implant dentures that either snap on and off or fixed implant dentures that would need to be removed with a specialized tool.  We are always happy to work with your dentist to come up with a custom solution for your specific dentures on implants need!  To learn more about our full range of denture services visit our services page or contact us for a free consultation

At Royal Denture Clinic we also create custom removable dentures for a variety of specific needs.  Each denture that we create is built to provide structure, function, and support where needed.  To learn more about our denture services in Calgary visit our services page or contact us for a free consultation

Full Services

  • Always Free/No Obligation Consultations
  • Complete Dentures
  • Immediate/Surgical Dentures
  • Implant Dentures (All-on-four™, Overdentures)
  • Partial Dentures

All full service items include a treatment plan with price and estimated insurance coverage.

Nathan is trained in BPS™ and Swiss Denture Concept™ techniques.

Other Services

  • Adjustments
  • Tissue Conditioning
  • Custom Sport Guards
  • Night Guards
  • Name/Image Denture Identification