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Our Calgary Denture Clinic

Royal Denture Clinic provides real solutions for:

  • Missing Teeth
  • Broken or Ill-fitting Dentures
  • Uncomfortable Dentures

At our Calgary denture clinic we create high quality, natural looking dental appliances, including removable dentures (partial and complete) and dentures over implants.

We provide maintenance services including: relines, rebasing, adjustments and polishing.

We inform patients about available options including dentures for implants. We are happy to work with your dentist to build the overdenture for your implants.

We help people to feel better, eat better and look better.

Our clinic is designed to provide a calming, comfortable and convenient experience for those seeking care and treatment.

Call us at 403.338.1014 to schedule a free consultation with a denture specialist.

Denture Services

About Our Denture Clinic

At Royal Denture Clinic, when we are not meeting with patients, we operate two fully-functioning laboratories, each with its own distinct purpose. The first lab serves as our processing facility where we craft the body of the dentures. The second and smaller lab operates as a quiet place to refine and detail the teeth. In this lab, we choose the individual teeth to be arranged and placed into the denture. The attention to detail necessary for the shaping and refinement of the teeth make this the more civilized of the two labs. Our state of the art denture laboratories are designed to facilitate the production of custom made prosthetics. These spaces are an important part of making sure our patients receive the highest quality dentures possible. If you are in need of a denturist in the Calgary area, contact us today for a free consultation!

Meet The Team

Our team consists of Nathan Schultz, DD, Sandra Melnychuk, DD, and Jill Schultz, Office Manager. Nathan has been working as a licensed denturist since 2008 and Jill has been serving as office manager since 2013. Sandra joined Royal Denture Clinic in Spring of 2019 and has worked as a certified dental assistant and lab technician before becoming a licensed denturist. At Royal Denture Clinic we are proud to say we have the experience you need to create a great looking smile! Learn more about our team HERE!