Searching for Dentures Near Me? Welcome to Our Clinic

dentures Calgary, AlbertaIf you’ve been wondering about the best way to find the best denturist in Calgary, look no further than Royal Denture Clinic!   Our clean and convenient facility hosts the latest technology available, allowing us to provide the most comfortable, natural-looking dentures on the market. We are proud to offer several years of experience and expertise to a wide range of dentures patients nearby. In fact, our Calgary denture laboratory is equipped to tackle the entire dentures process, from consultation to measurement, production, fitting, and repairs. We craft each piece from start to finish, taking great care to involve our denture patients at each step along the way. Contact us Monday through Friday to set up your free consultation.


Finding a denturist that’s right for me

When it comes to finding dentures near you, it’s important to consider how local production can affect the outcome of the product. As a local denture manufacturer, we create each custom piece for our clients right in our Calgary location. We operate two fully-functioning laboratories; the first serves as our larger production plant where we craft the body of the denture. We use only the best materials to make our dentures as comfortable and durable as possible. In our second laboratory, we spend time refining the denture. We invite customers to this laboratory to help select individual teeth and other small details that make the denture unique. Our nearby location allows us this direct communication, allowing for a more exact outcome. Once the denture is complete, we take the time to carefully fit each patient, ensuring that the piece is as comfortable and as natural looking as possible. At Royal Denture Clinic, our priority is always to make sure that our patients are happy and healthy, which means making sure you leave our clinic with dentures that are not only functional but also make you proud of your smile.


Fast Service in a Nearby Location


As anyone who wears dentures knows, routine maintenance and repairs are periodically needed. Dentures can be adjusted to ensure optimal comfort as teeth or jaws shift and change. Small tweaks can make a huge difference! We invite all of our clients to contact us with questions, fit checks, repairs, or any other factors that may affect the look or comfort of their dentures.
Denture Check Ups
Regular check-ups are key to a long-lasting and effective denture, so take advantage of a company that offers local services. Contact our office today to
schedule your first dentures consultation and see if our nearby clinic is right for you.


Our Denture Services


If you are searching for a denture service near you, Royal Dentures Clinic may be an ideal option. Not only do we offer full and partial, custom denture creation, but we also offer repairs, regular maintenance, tissue conditioning, consultations, and more. With our years of experience, we are able to provide full or partial dentures, immediate/surgical dentures, implant dentures, and individual tooth replacement. Here’s a full list of our denture services:

  • Full or Partial Denture Creation
  • Immediate/Surgical Dentures
  • Implant Dentures (All-on-four™, Overdentures)
  • Individual Tooth Replacement
  • Dentures on Implants
  • Denture Repair
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Tissue Conditioning
  • Custom Sport Guards and Night Guards
  • Denture Consultation
  • Name/Image Denture Identification

If you’re ready to learn how dentures can work for you, take a look at our customer reviews or contact us today to schedule your consultation. Our friendly staff is on hand to answer any questions you have about costs, the process, or more.