Anyone looking into dentures should understand the difference between a denturist and a dentist. A denturist has specialized training in the aesthetic design, creation, care, and application of dentures, while a dentist may just have basic knowledge in this field as their focus is on preserving the teeth.

Denturist Training and Experience 

The main difference between a denturist and a dentist when getting a denture is the level of detailed training and knowledge when it comes to crafting and repairing artificial teeth and gums. Denturists have an in-depth understanding of denture material, tooth and gum wear, and fitting techniques.

A trained denturist can craft the most complex of dental fixtures, including partial dentures, dentures secured to implants, and other custom appliances. 

A Good Fit and a Perfect Smile 

While a dentist may be able to craft a basic denture, a denturist uses advanced, in-house equipment and materials to develop a highly refined prosthetic that’s more comfortable and attractive than a basic alternative. In addition, a denturist offers important services like tissue conditioning and necessary adjustments to keep your dentures looking and feeling great as the years go by. 

Emergency Repairs and Regular Check-ups 

Broken or lost dentures can make eating, speaking, and sleeping uncomfortable. By working with a denturist, you’ll gain access to timely emergency repairs and replacements if needed. However, as any good healthcare provider knows, the key to a healthy smile is prevention; your denturist will provide regular check-ups and fittings to make sure everything is looking and feeling great.

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